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A community for Torchwood icons.

1. Please credit any icons you use. If you don't know how to credit please see this FAQ

2. Please do not hotlink icons posted by other members. It's very rude and leeches their bandwidth.

3. Do NOT repost icons made by other users, or try to pass off icons made by other users as your own. You WILL be banned from the community.

4. If you are posting more than three icons please put them behind a cut. You may put a teaser of up to three icons before the cut.

5. Please only post icons related to Torchwood (Icons of the actors is fine, icons of Jack or Sato in Who episodes is also fine. A post of icons of just Rose is not)

6. We also welcome colourbars, journal headers, banners and wallpapers. Please put these under a cut (There are no exceptions). Graphics posted outside of a cut in a post will result in the post being deleted.

Screencaps: Coming soon
Publicity Photos: torch_wood and The Institute
Icon brushes: 100x100_brushes
Icon textures, gradients etc: icon_extras

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